Features & Overviews

YTWL solution has many features some of its features are function,data provided,operation band,receiver type,Notiiction,working temprature,operation time,etc

  • Function(target segment)

    Vehicle speed limiter with GPS tracking and data recording.

  • Speed limit deviation

    Should be less than 5km/h with pulse line

  • Data provided

    It should give a real time information about position(latitude-longitude), instantaneous speed, average running speed, distance traveled, etc.

  • Working temperature

    From -30oC up to 75oC

  • Electromagnetic compatibility

    Voltage of anti-pulse reaches >= 3000v

  • Notification

    The system should notify when the vehicle is outside permitted boundary (Geo-fence)

  • Warning before over speeding

    Shall have a buzzer to warn the driver

  • Warranty

    Two years.


Vehicle speed limiter with GPS car tracking system are designed to reduce accidents. they limit the maximum speed of a vehicle by restricting the fuel supply to the engine. hence speed limiter improves road safety with increased fuel efficiency and reduce repair cost.