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Welcome to Abet Trading Plc

Abet Trading PLC is the Company offering state of the art Speed governing and tracking equipment/services based on GPS / GSM / GPRS technology which is considered to be the most up to date technique for tracking and surveillance of vehicle as well as speed governing all over the world. . It operates by using the data provided by Global Positioning System (GPS) that are geo-stationary around the globe and helps to determine the precise location of the vehicle. In any eventuality, our tracking unit will send a distress call to our servers at our control room or to client, who will trigger the anti-theft mechanism/Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and the vehicle engine, will be killed immediately.

Road traffic accident is a major problem in Ethiopia resulting in the death of thousands of people and injuries every year and loss of properties worth tens of millions of dollars. To tackle this, Abet Trading PLC provide the device which controls the vehicle with in the speed limit without the situation that causes an accident by controlling the vehicle throttle system /or using solenoid valve for the vehicles its throttle system is mechanical type. Owing to the presence of unique features like Two Way Hands Free Voice Communication, GPRS and Web Access; our services are catching attention of masses. In following pages you will find further detailed information about GPS Integrated Speed limiter technology we supply and install.

Abet Trading PLC is established in 2019 G.C. by four Business partner share holders, to do its part by serving in supply and installation work of GPS integrated Speed limiter. Starting from its establishment, Abet Trading PLC strives to give sustainable service with reasonable price for customers and hold the lion share in the market. As a result, the company supply and install more than One Thousand (1,000+) devices for different private and governmental organizations. In terms of reducing the country unemployment rate, Abet Trading plays a major role by hiring more than 35 employees in a permanent and freelance base.

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